How much is enough?

Put another way, how much money do you need to live the life you really want to live?

Get this wrong and you could run out of money with little or no chance to put things right. Even worse, not knowing what you can afford to spend could leave you the ‘richest person in the graveyard’.

Balancing Your Life

Unless your finances are carefully arranged with your most important goals in mind, it’s highly unlikely all your plans will fall into place by accident just by themselves.

By understanding what’s important to you we’ll create a Personal Financial Plan to help you regain balance in your life and achieve the lifestyle you desire. We’ll put your Plan into action and work with you to maintain it so you’ll feel much more confident about the years ahead.

More Important Than Money…

Your wealth is likely to be made up from a variety of sources: wages, savings, investments, property, a business and maybe even an inheritance. However, regardless of how well it is managed, if you don’t make the connection between planning your money and planning your life you’ll still struggle to answer these questions;

  • “When can I afford to stop working?”
  • “Am I saving enough for retirement?”
  • “Will I be able to afford…?” (e.g. second home, dream holiday)
  • “What do I need to earn, save or sell my business for to give me the life I want.”
  • No-one ever got happy staring at a pile of money. Money is simply something to be exchanged for the more important things in life
  • True wealth can be defined as having the freedom to stop doing the things you once needed to do and doing only those things you love to do
  • Life is not a rehearsal – so plan it, live it and have no regrets
  • Sound ‘financial advice’ may give you a better Pension or ISA but sound ‘financial planning’ will give you a better life. Which would you prefer?
  • You deserve to know your ‘Number’ – the amount of money you need to secure the rest of your life
  • You deserve to know what your financial future really looks like. Not just this year, but next year and every other year as well
  • Always start your planning with the end result in mind


“Most people plan their holidays with more care than they plan their lives. “

-Jim Rohn

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