Planning your future

1. Exploratory Meeting

Following an initial chat we’ll meet in our Newry office to discuss your most pressing concerns, financial priorities and plans for the future. We’ll also discuss your values and beliefs around life and money. We’ll explain how we’re paidwhat you’ll receive for your payment and the value we’ll add through a long-term planning relationship. You’ll have no obligation to work with us and the meeting is completed at our expense. From this we’ll be ready to start designing your Financial Plan.

2. Assess And Analyse

We’ll pull together all of your financial papers and work out exactly what you have, what’s it’s worth and whether it all still meets your needs. We’ll then look atwhat you own, its value today and how much you owe. We can then show you exactly what you’re worth! This is a vital foundation to your personal Financial Plan.

3. The Financial Plan

Having agreed your objectives, we’ll prepare your comprehensive Financial Plan, the cornerstone of our process. This details our findings and recommendations and outlines the steps you need to take. There’ll be plenty of time to go over the detail and we’ll be sure to explain it in plain English.

4. Implement The Plan

If you’re happy with the Plan we’ll go ahead and start to turn it into reality. We’ll take care of writing to your existing providers and where there’s anything new that needs to be set up we’ll walk you through the application process, completing as much as possible for you.

5. Progress Meeting

Financial planning is a never-ending process. As long term partners we’ll help you meet your objectives. Our ‘Progress Meeting Checklist’ allows us to track the progress of your Plan and make adjustments where required. This could be due to a change in lifestyle, legislation or future goals. The result – a Financial Plan that lives, develops and grows along with you.

Becoming a Client

When you become one of our clients, we will help you to create a comprehensive, written step-by-step plan of action to achieve your goals for the reasons that are deeply important to you, and along the way we’ll help you get your financial house in perfect order.

To get the most from working with us you’ll:

  • Be successful in your business or professional life, or have retired.
  • Have other things in your life more important than money
  • Work in partnership with your adviser to achieve your most important goals.
  • Want to keep things simple by having all of your finances looked after by one adviser.
  • Be willing to listen and act on the advice.
  • Look forward to attending regular Progress Meetings of which at least one meeting each year will be at our office.

If you believe that you fit our profile,

the first step is to arrange a telephone meeting where we can explain the basis on which we work and how we can help.

You can call us now on 02830 825696.